Maine Coon

Breed Standard Maine Coon on Rules TICA

Head: 37 points

Form — 12

Eyes — 5

Ears — 10

Box and chin — 5

Profiles — 3

Neck — 2

Body: 38 points

Enclosure — 10

Paws — 10

Tail — 10

Skeleton — 5

Musculature — 3

Wool / color / pattern: 25 points

Length — 10

Texture — 10

Color — 5

Category — Aboriginal

Division — All

Color — All


Form: Broad, modified wedge, medium size with rounded lbom strongly convex and high cheekbones. Under the cheekbones should feel a clear stop.

Eyes: Large, slightly oval, appear almost round when wide open. Widely set. Located slightly askew from the outer edge of the ear. Color - is any shade of green and / or gold, blue or white raznoglazy animals. There was no relationship between hair color and eye color.

Ears: Big, high, broad at the base. In relation to the head of supplying high and slightly outward naklon.Rasstoyanie between the ears should not be greater. What is the breadth at the ear. Bottom base is located slightly farther back than the top. Moderately pointed. Rysi brush vertically upwards continues on the back of the ear. Pubescence ear continues horizontally beyond the outer limit of the ear.

Chin: Direct, in line with the nose and upper lip.

Box: Square.

Profile: shallow concave slope. Allow some camber in the end.

Neck: Medium length with strong muscle.


Housing: A large, long, rectangular, but not thin.

Paws: Average proportions relative to the body with strong bone and muscle.

Feet: Large, rounded, with a bundle of wool between your fingers.

Tail: Wide at the base and focus to the tip, fine pubescence, with streamy hair, the length of not less than the length of the body to the base of the tail.

Skeleton: A powerful.

Musculature: A strong, strong.

Wool / color / pattern

Length: Uneven, shorter on the shoulders, gradually elongated to the stomach and "trousers". Front-collar long mane around the neck, belly and pants very shaggy. Full collar is not required, but it is desirable that he would have started from the base of the ear.

Texture: all-weather coat. Wool fit snugly to the body, smooth nispadaya along the hull. There is a light undercoat, but not cotton or sherstepodobny.

Color: Traditional category, all Divisions, all colors. White tracings around the eyes, lips and chin allowed, except for solid colors.

General description

Maine-kun - America's native long-haired cat. Breed essentially has a very friendly disposition, developed and embodied through the process of breeding, when selected, only the specimens. However it is necessary to remember that Maine-coons have evolved originally as a "working cats" that are capable of surviving independently in the wild forest areas with extreme climatic conditions.

Maine-coons - large breed with large ears, broad chest, strong bone, a long rectangular body and a strong long flowing tail. The strength and density of the core musculature give these cats a very strong appearance.

Important note: Cats proportionally smaller than cats and can weigh 2-3 kg less. Must be assumed for the large difference in size. Adult cats may have a large and broad head, than a cat.

Penalties: viskery pronounced. Protrusive chin. The failure or severe bump at the end of the nose. Insufficient podsherstka.Edinichnye krapy, medallions, or stains. LIVE profile. Broadly defined, or collapsed ears. The long, thin legs. Swivel-eyed almond-shaped eyes. Flat edge of upper eyelid when the eyes wide open. Not enough "shaggy" stomach. Short tail. Round head. Coat of equal length all over the body. A short stocky body. Lightweight backbone. Small size of the animal as a whole.

Temperament should be the same, any signs of distinct changes involve disqualification. Cote could be afraid of, to try to escape or complain, but not angrily threaten. In accordance with the rules of the exhibition the following reasons entail disqualification:

  • Animal scratched;
  • An animal shows signs of misleading;
  • Intact adult cat does not have two squalid testikulov;
  • An animal with a complete or partial absence of the tail, with the exception of the standards set out of rocks;
  • Animals with more than 5 fingers on each of the front paws, or more than 4 on each hind paws, with the exception of the results or damage to the breed standards set forth;
  • Visible or invisible tail hall, where the breed standard requires disqualification;
  • Squint when the breed standard requires disqualification;
  • Amaurosis;
  • Obviously smaller than the relevant breed;
  • Skew sternum or abnormally small diameter of the rib area.

Breed Standard Maine Coon on the rules of WCF


From large to very large, muscular, long and wide, creating the impression rectangular. Neck is medium length with strong muscles, a broad chest. Legs strong, medium length; pads paws with bundles of hair between fingers. Tail at least should be shoulder-length, wide at the base and reduce to the tip, with long hair streamy.


Big massive skull, skvadrachenny outwardly and direct circuits, high cheekbones, nose medium length "box" a massive and square, with a noticeable shift to the forehead. Massive chin on a level with the upper jaw and nose. Bent profile.


Very large, high set ears, broad at the base and reduce to the top. Supplying nearly vertical, and tall, the distance between the ears should be less than the width of the ear at its base. Pubescence ear extends beyond its outer edge. At the tip of the ears are desirable brush.


Large, oval, located far from each other, slightly obliquely planted; eye color should be uniform and in harmony with the overall color.


Short on the head and shoulders, except for mane; significantly longer to the rear of the body, stomach, and "trousers". Thick undercoat, soft and gentle, closed more than a gross external cover. Dense, smooth adjacent to the body pubescence waterproof, completely closes the rear of the body, legs and upper side of the tail. Abdomen and "trousers" have only the undercoat. Fluffy mane is desirable but not mandatory.


Colors chocolate and tsinnamon and, consequently, they clarified the variation (lilak and faun) is not taken in any combination (bicolor, tricolor, tabby). In addition, prohibited all types pointovyh colors. Any other colors are permitted and are named in the General Colour Guide.


Coat of equal length all over the body — a significant shortcoming that even with a beautiful structure prohibits title CAC.


Body — 35 points

Head — 30 points

Color and texture of wool — 25 points

Eye Color — 5 points

General View — 5 points

Note (d. 08.03.2002) — WCF General Assembly at a meeting in Milan, it was decided that from now on mezhporodnye mating of indigenous breeds Maine-kun, a Norwegian Forest, Siberian Turkish Angora, and depend on the permission of the judging committee.